Also known as Multiplate or ViaPlate

Diverse and cost-saving solution for bridges and culverts 

MP200 is a corrugated steel structure widely used to construct bridges, culverts and grade separations. It is lightweight and easy to transport, with the installation possible in any weather within a couple of weeks. It is also a durable and green solution as the steel is completely reusable and can last for 100+ years without special maintenance. 

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Features and Benefits

Long service life

The steel is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. It ensures a steady service life of over 100 years.  

Minimal maintenance 

Professionally installed structures do not require particular care. Most of maintenance is surface renovation such as reapplying the paint or corrosion protection layer once every 20-30 years.  

Fast and simple installation

One crane, assembly branches and a ladder is basically all you need to set up MP200. A team of one specialized supervisor and regular workers will suffice. The installation is so swift that a bridge of 90×12 m can be ready in just 2 weeks. 

Suitable for extreme temperatures

Severe weather conditions is not a problem for these structures. Suitable for both -50°C and +50°C, MP200 can be installed in the far north of Norway as well as in scorching Morocco. 

Durability in aggressive environments

What guarantees MP200 longevity is our customized corrosion protection and painting system. From the urban landscape to the seawater, we design it for all corrosivity classes. Together with the high-strength steel a simple construction, it makes MP200 a durable solution.  


Steel is 100% recyclable. It is lightweight and much faster to produce than concrete. That is why it does not drain natural resources and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Finally, the quick assembly results in minimal environmental disturbance.  

MultiPlate Properties 
  • Span: over 12 m 

  • Load capacity: can withstand any live load classes  

  • Corrugation profile: 200×55 mm

  • Steel grade: from 235 MPa (Re) 

  • Material: hot dip galvanized steel  

  • Painting system/corrosion protection: accurate, depends on the class of the environment aggressiveness 

  • Available shapes: arch, round, elliptical, box– both closed and open 

  • Certification: CE Certificate of Factory Production Control No. 1023-CPR-0640F, BBA 

  • Bridges

  • Culverts

  • Grade separations 

  • Road or rail overpasses  

  • Stockpile conveyor tunnels  

  • Portals 

  • Others 

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